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A car collision is a serious accident. Most car crash victims sustain debilitating and long-term injuries, and these injuries are not easy to treat. The victim’s family would often shed thousands of dollars to treat the victim’s damages. Unfortunately, their finances are insufficient to nurse the victim back to perfect health.

Defendants found guilty of negligence must provide money for the victim’s bodily and property damages. Although this is the law, some defendants find a way to avoid taking responsibility. In other cases, their insurance company will only pay a small amount, which is insufficient to help the victim.

Our Salt Lake City car accident lawyer can prevent this from happening to you. Our legal experts have decades of experience handling various personal injury cases. We have helped many clients recover millions in compensation, and we can help you too!

If you have been injured in a Salt Lake City car accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact Parker & McConkie to speak with one of our car accident attorneys. We will work tirelessly to pursue compensation for your damages and obtain justice for you. Reach our Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer at (385) 220-0383 or through our online contact form.

How Our Salt Lake City Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You


Parker & McConkie is a reputable car accident law firm established in 1978. Throughout our more than four decades of experience, we were able to help countless car accident victims pursue the justice they deserve.

Our Salt Lake City car accident lawyers are dedicated to serving victims of car accidents. Here’s how we can help you:

Free case evaluation. We offer a free consultation to all our clients and prospects. We will meticulously assess your case and present you with several legal options, advantages, and disadvantages. We will help you make the best legal decision.

Evidence recovery. Proof plays a significant role in winning personal injury cases. Our lawyers can help you recover viable pieces of evidence that we can use to win your case.

Document processing. The legal process of car accident cases is tedious and complicated. Severely injured victims may not have the time to complete the needed legal paperwork. We can help you keep the legal groundwork running while you focus on your recovery.

Compensation negotiation. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to manipulate victims into accepting a low-ball settlement. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators, and we can prevent insurance companies from exploiting you.

Legal representation. There are instances when a case fails to resolve at the settlement phase. We can help you file a personal injury lawsuit and represent you in court if needed.

Salt Lake City, Utah Car Accident Statistics

In 2020, Utah documented an abrupt increase in car accident deaths. The state reported 276 car accident deaths, which is significantly higher than the previous year. The highest reported deaths related to car collisions in Utah was in 2016, with 281 documented deaths.

  • 2020: 276 deaths with 256 fatal car accidents
  • 2019: 248 deaths with 225 fatal car accidents
  • 2018: 260 deaths with 237 fatal car accidents
  • 2017: 273 deaths with 247 fatal car accidents
  • 2016: 281 deaths with 259 fatal car accidents

According to the same report, overspeeding and drunk driving were the leading causes of auto accidents in Utah from 2011 to 2020. The state reported an average of 676 fatal car crashes related to overspeeding during this period.

Utah’s No-Fault Insurance System: How Does It Affect Your Claim?


Utah is a ‘no fault’ state. Before filing a car accident injury claim, you must first reach out to your own insurance company. Because of this, you are required to have dedicated insurance for personal injury protection.

You could file a lawsuit against the at-fault party if you sustained permanent disabilities, disfigurement, or medical expenses reaching over $3,000.

Another essential legal statute you need to know is the state’s modified comparative negligence law. According to U.C.A. § 78B-5-818(2), the state doesn’t allow injury victims to recover compensation if they have more than 50% shared fault with the defendant.

Hiring an experienced Salt Lake City car wreck lawyer can help you navigate these complicated laws and seamlessly process your case.

Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Salt Lake City, UT


In earlier sections, the crash statistics showed that overspeeding and driving under the influence are the leading causes of car accidents in Utah. However, these are not the only reasons why car accidents remain rampant in the state.

Distracted or drunk drivers. From 2011 to 2020, the state reported 435 DUI accidents. Utah law identifies a drunk driver as someone who operates a vehicle with more than .05% blood alcohol concentration (B.A.C.).

Overspeeding. Utah reported 676 fatal car accidents related to overspeeding from 2011 to 2020. Utah has the highest overspeeding fatalities of 29% compared to the national average of 27%.

Distracted driving. Inattentive driving is another leading cause of car accidents in Utah and the entire country. Using smartphones, eating, or exhaustion can all cause distracted driving accidents.

Failure to yield. Vehicle drivers who fail to provide the right of way cause car accidents, especially at intersections. In addition, failure to yield is also the leading cause of pedestrian accidents.

Not wearing a seatbelt. In Utah, all drivers and passengers in the front seat must wear a seatbelt. Not correctly wearing a seatbelt can result in serious injuries or fatalities in an accident.

Most Common Injuries in a Salt Lake City Car Accident


Injuries sustained in a car accident are catastrophic in nature. Because of this, the costs to treat these injuries are usually expensive. 

Broken bones. A fracture or a broken bone is a serious injury limiting a victim’s ability to use his limbs. Fractures are hard to treat and may take months or even years to recover fully.

Traumatic brain injury. Brain damage is serious injury that may affect a victim’s cognitive ability, personality, and mood regulation. In addition, some victims also experience lapses in memory and other cognitive disorders.

Lacerations. Cuts and deep lacerations are common injuries seen in car accidents. These injuries may require stitches or even surgery, depending on the severity.

Sprains and strains. Strains and sprains are soft tissue injuries that can heal in their own time. However, some victims experience long-term chronic pain, which could be an underlying symptom of something more severe.

Internal organ damages. A car accident may also cause internal bleeding and organ damage. These injuries are often life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident


In most cases, proving liability in a car accident is straightforward. Unfortunately, the involvement of a third party may further complicate the case at hand.

The burden of proving liability in car accidents falls on the victim’s shoulders. Here’s what a plaintiff needs to do to identify the at-fault party correctly:

Duty of care. The victim must first show that the defendant owes them a duty of care. This is usually the most straightforward element to prove since all drivers are responsible for creating and promoting a safe road for everyone.

Breach of duty. Now comes the tricky part. You need to manifest proof that the defendant neglected their duty of care. Witness testimony or CCTV footages are compelling evidence you can use to prove the breach of duty.

Injury. The third element is also easy to prove. You need to show that you suffered from a physical or mental injury because of the accident. Medical records or doctor’s notes are adequate proof when establishing this element.

Damages. You also need to prove that you sustained financial losses because of the accident. Proof of medical bills, property damages, and other evidence of monetary losses are crucial in establishing this aspect.

Shared fault. Lastly, you will need to show that you are less than 50% at fault for the accident. You will need the help of car accident attorneys to prove this one. Your Salt Lake City car accident lawyer will build an effective legal strategy to show that your shared fault is minimal or non-existent.

Compensatory Damages You Can Recover in a Car Accident Claim


Victims who suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident are entitled to seek damages from the liable party. The value of your car accident compensation varies on several factors. Damages play a significant role when determining the amount of your payment.

Medical expenses. This includes medical bills, future medical treatment, diagnostic costs, and pharmaceutical costs.

Lost wages. This pertains to the work hours you lost because of the accident. You can also recover compensation when you sustain a permanent disability affecting your chances of obtaining future work opportunities.

Property damage. You can request property damage claims if you sustained damages to your property (e.g., residential property, car, commercial property, etc.)

Wrongful death claims. Representatives or family members of a deceased car accident victim may demand a wrongful death claim from the at-fault driver.

Punitive damages. This recoverable damage is more of a punishment than a compensation. When the court awards the defendant punitive damages, they will have to pay additional money on top of the victim’s recoverable damages.

Hiring an experienced Salt Lake City car accident attorney can help you recover maximum and fair compensation.

Things You Must Do Right After Your Car Wreck in Salt Lake City


There are several things you must do after surviving a car accident. Enumerated below is an overview of the most important things you should do to preserve your rights.

Call for medical services and law enforcement. The first thing you need to do is call for medical help and the police. You must ensure that the emergency medical team assessed you for any injuries and that the police department documented your accident.

Gather evidence. If you’re not severely hurt, you may start gathering evidence from the accident scene. Try to take photos and videos of the wreckage, damage to your property, road markings, traffic signs, weather conditions, and the contact information of anyone who saw the accident.

Obtain the other driver’s details. You must get the at-fault driver’s name, contact, and insurance information. Although Utah is a no-fault state, you may be eligible to claim damages from the responsible defendant.

Consult with a personal injury attorney. You need to speak with a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you build your personal injury claim and hold the defendant accountable for your damages.

Why Choose Parker & McConkie to Handle Your Car Accident Claim


More than 90% success rate. Our Salt Lake City car accident attorneys are seasoned legal experts with an impressive track record. Parker & McConkie has more than 90% success rate. We successfully helped our previous clients recover millions of dollars in compensation.

• Contingency fee basis. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing the best service to our clients. We promise our clients that they don’t have to pay us unless we win their cases.

Four decades of experience. The law offices of Parker & McConkie were established in 1978. Since then, we have been helping countless Utah citizens achieve the justice they deserve.

Skillful negotiators. Our extensive experience in the industry has helped sharpen our negotiation skills, allowing us to provide maximum and just compensation to our accident injury clients.

Guaranteed client satisfaction. Our legal team is dedicated to providing top-notch legal assistance. Our client review page shows how effectively we treated and handled all of our clients’ cases.

Salt Lake City Car Accident F.A.Q.s

What is my Salt Lake City car accident case worth?

All personal injury cases have different case value depending on multiple factors. The court will have to assess the case’s complexities, the total amount of recoverable damages, and shared fault before they appoint a case value.

How long can you wait to sue someone after a car accident in Salt Lake City, Utah?

In general, car accident cases need to be reported as soon as possible. If this is unlikely, a victim has up to four years to file a lawsuit against the responsible person under Utah Code section 78B-2-307.

Can I still recover damages even if I am partially liable for my car accident in Salt Lake City?

It depends. U.C.A. § 78B-5-818(2) states that victims who share more than 50% of the fault in the accident may not recover compensation. Because of this, you must retrieve compelling evidence proving that you are not responsible or at least less than 50% liable for the accident.

Will I go to court for a car accident?

Most car accident cases usually end at the settlement phase. However, if both parties cannot agree on each other’s terms, the court may have to intervene. The judge will appoint the case value and who is the at-fault party if a case goes to trial.

Should I accept a first settlement offer from an insurance company?

It’s not advisable to accept the initial settlement offer made by the at-fault party. This settlement offer is significantly lower than what you can receive. You must first seek the counsel of an auto accident lawyer before accepting any demands from the other party.

How much does it cost to hire a car accident attorney?

Our Salt Lake City personal injury law firm offers contingency payment and free consultation. So that means you don’t need to pay any out-of-pocket fees on a contingency fee basis. Moreover, you don’t have to pay anything unless we win your case.

What if the accident caused the death of my loved one?

Surviving family members and representatives of the late victim may file wrongful death and personal injury claims on behalf of their deceased loved one. Processing insurance claims of a deceased loved one may get complicated, which is why hiring an experienced wrongful death attorney is beneficial in this situation.

Is there a cap on the amount of injury compensation I can receive?

There’s no cap on the compensation you can receive in a car accident claim. However, there’s an exception regarding claims against government-operated/owned vehicles. The state imposes a cap of $650,000 for general damages.

Why should I hire an auto accident lawyer?

Hiring a Salt Lake City auto accident attorney is more of a necessity than an option in these cases. The laws governing car accidents are complicated and often challenging to navigate. You need to hire an expert with proven years of experience and a strong track record to help you interpret these laws and take the best legal action.

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Parker & McConkie’s personal injury lawyers are adept in various injury cases such as motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice claims, trucking accidents, and other motor vehicle accident cases.

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