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We at Parker + McConkie hope that you never need the services of an Ogden personal injury lawyer. However, we know that sometimes bad things happen to good people through no fault of their own.

If you know or believe you have a legitimate personal injury case, Ogden personal injury lawyers can help you obtain the maximum compensation for your severe injuries.

Secure Legal Representation for Your Ogden Personal Injury Lawsuit

Secure legal representation

When you retain our law firm to pursue legal action against the responsible party who caused your personal injuries, we can ease the burden you bear post-accident.

Some of the benefits of retaining an Ogden personal injury attorney are detailed below:

  • Meticulous Case Analysis – Before Parker + McConkie agrees to take on personal injury cases, our legal team reviews the accident or wrongful death claim for evidence of another person’s negligence.
  • Evidence Recovery – Accident victims are certainly in no shape to go out and collect evidence after a car accident or other incident that harmed them. While you recuperate from your serious injuries, our personal injury attorneys and investigators can do just that.
  • Case Construction – It takes a seasoned and skilled Ogden injury lawyer to build a stalwart personal injury case that can withstand an aggressive assault by the defense. When you retain the personal injury lawyers at Parker + McConkie, we take the time to assemble a rock-solid case for the accident victims we represent.
  • Effective Legal Representation – In the many decades we have practiced personal injury law, we have obtained multi-million dollar settlements and judgments for our personal injury and wrongful death clients. Our Ogden personal injury attorneys know the ins and outs of both sides of a courtroom and will always go to bat for our clients against an insurance company.

Read on to learn more about our many personal injury cases.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Handle in Ogden, UT

We take on personal injury cases where the accident victim suffered permanent and/or catastrophic injuries in an accident caused by an at-fault party.

The below list is extensive, but if your specific injury claim isn’t included, that doesn’t mean that our Ogden personal injury attorneys won’t represent you. All personal injury claims are evaluated on their own merits.

Car Accidents

Car accidents

Since Utah is a no-fault state regarding liability, we can help victims of automobile accidents seek compensation through their personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Our state’s comparative negligence law states that an accident victim can be as much as 49% liable for a collision and still be able to recover a percentage of damages.

Bicycle Accidents

In 2022, there were 485 bicycle accidents resulting in 433 injuries and 14 deaths. A bike rider cannot avoid injury in a wreck with a motorist. The injuries can be life-altering and lead to a civil claim.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents

In 2022, there were 5,612 total wrecks involving commercial motor vehicles. Of that total, there were 883 injuries and 40 fatalities. Those injured in a collision with a big rig have the right to recover financial compensation for their injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Many drivers never see the motorcyclists; they mow down until the impact of metal on the motorcycle. By then, the injured rider’s life is irrevocably altered. They may never again be able to work and support their families. They might not ever be able to walk again after their motorcycle accident. Parker + McConkie can recover compensation for these plaintiffs, too.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents

In 2022, there were 943 crashes involving pedestrians. Those resulted in 822 injuries and 52 deaths.

Victims’ injuries from pedestrian accidents can be permanently disabling if not fatal. In the event of a deadly accident, a personal injury attorney can sue the defendant for wrongful death on behalf of the survivors.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

If a commercial vehicle driver caused the accident that left you with injuries, we could offer evidence to prove that the defendant’s negligence caused you physical and financial harm.

Drunk Driving and Dram Shop

Drunk driving and dram shop

If a drunk driver caused a car accident that injured you, you have legal recourse against that driver and the company that insures them. But did you realize that in some circumstances, you may be able to seek monetary compensation from the bartender or alcohol vendor who sold the intoxicated driver the alcohol?

Under Section 32B-15-201 of the Utah Code, alcohol vendors and bartenders can face a personal injury claim if:

  • If the patron who injures another party is under the legal drinking age of 21; and
  • The party who purchased the alcohol was already under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Workplace Accidents

Many companies do the right thing when an employee gets hurt in a workplace accident. Sadly, some business owners try to cut corners by denying a worker’s legitimate workplace injury claim.

They do this hoping that the injured workers will give up and not pursue a claim for lost wages, medical treatment coverage, or financial compensation.

Our legal team will fight for a fair settlement from your company if you get hurt on the job.

Dog Bites

Dog bites

Some states follow a one-bite rule where dog owners face liability only after they are aware that their dog poses a hazard or they were in some way negligent in their control of the animal.

Here in Utah, that is not the case. Like many other states, Utah follows the doctrine of strict liability regarding dog bites and other damages caused by the dog. The responsible party, i.e., the dog owner, doesn’t have to be negligent or have foreknowledge of the dog’s propensity to bite to be liable for the injured party’s medical bills and other damages.

The same is true even if the dog never bites but charges the fence and startles the victim, and the victim slips and falls as a result.

Government Liability

While it can be more challenging to sue a government entity for personal injury, it is a fallacy to say it is impossible. In fact, with the passage of U.C.A.63G-7-301(2)(h)(i) that addresses waivers of liability, it is now far simpler for the injured party or their personal injury attorney to sue a governmental agency for negligence.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death

Sometimes an injury claim can turn into a claim for wrongful death filed by the decedent’s personal representative on behalf of the survivors.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents fall under the umbrella of premises liability injury cases. These cases arise when someone gets injured on someone else’s property due to the property owner’s failure to keep their home or business reasonably hazard-free.

While many slip and fall injuries cause minor damage that quickly resolves, if an elderly patron in a store slips in water from a leaking freezer case, they could spend the rest of their life bed-bound in a nursing home.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice

Medical professionals who treat patients and pharmacists who dispense the medication have a duty of care toward the patients they treat. If that duty of care is breached due to negligence and causes injury (or worse) to a patient who suffers damages, as a result, medical malpractice has been committed. The insurance company could wind up paying plaintiffs monetary compensation if the court ruled that medical malpractice occurred.

Product Liability

Did you buy a widget that failed to work as it was intended to function? Did that device cause you injury and other harm as a result? If so, under the laws of product liability, the law firm you retain for legal assistance can seek to recover compensation from the manufacturer and/or retailer.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury claim, your personal injury attorney can pursue damages for you.

What You Should Do Immediately After an Accident in Ogden

What you should do immediately after an accident

Regardless of the circumstances that caused your car accident or other incident, you need to seek appropriate medical treatment. While you are awaiting the police and emergency medical services (EMS), if you are able and it’s safe to do so, document the scene with your cellphone.

Note the final positions of the vehicles, the skid marks (or lack of them), and the damage to the cars. Exchange information with the other driver(s) by snapping a quick shot of their licenses and insurance information. Jot down any witnesses’ names and contact information that could help support your personal injury claim.

Determining Negligence in Your Ogden Personal Injury Case

Negligence can be determined in several ways. One includes admission of guilt by a driver. Even if the words are uttered in distress at your sorrow for the damage and injuries, your words will literally be turned against you by the insurance company for the other driver(s).

The police report carries great weight when determining negligence in a personal injury claim. As all car accidents must be reported to the proper authorities, you also need to get an incident report filed after you suffer an injury at the hands of or due to the negligence of another party.

The evidence at the scene also will be officially documented and can reinforce your personal injury claim. Skid marks show the speed of the vehicles and indicate whether there was swerving. Damage to the car shows impact and paint transference. Broken glass can also help prove a claim for damages.

Finally, insurance companies also determine the outcome of personal injury damage claims. Here, personal injury lawyers can use their knowledge and skills to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement for the personal injury lawsuit they filed.

Ogden Personal Injury Statute of Limitation

In most personal injury damage claims, Utah has a longer statute of limitations for injured victims to exercise their legal options after a car accident or other incident. They have up to four years to file a claim for injuries with the insurance adjusters for the defendant’s auto or homeowner’s insurance company.

However, if the claim is simply for property damage, that window shrinks to three years. If the personal injury lawyer for the plaintiff is suing the state of Utah for their injuries or the wrongful death of a spouse or loved one, they only have two years to file their lawsuit.

The shortest window is one year, which is reserved for legal action filed by a personal injury lawyer for a client suing a county, city, or town governmental agency or entity.

Compensation for Personal Injury Victims in Ogden, UT

An Ogden personal injury attorney may pursue three types of compensation for a client. They are:

  • Economic Damages – These are the easily calculable financial losses suffered by the plaintiff in the accident. Economic damages include the costs of past and future medical expenses, lost wages and loss of future income, and property damage replacement costs.
  • Non-Economic Damages – These types of non-economic damages are harder to quantify because, unlike medical expenses, they are intangible losses that include mental anguish, pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), disfigurement or dismemberment, and loss of enjoyment of life.
  • Punitive Damages – Not all cases are awarded punitive damages, as these are not compensatory but instead designed to punish the defendant and deter future negligent acts by them and other bad actors. The cases where punitive damages are most likely sought and awarded are those where the defendants demonstrated an egregious level of negligence, recklessness, and a wanton disregard for the safety and well-being of others.

Schedule an Initial Consultation With Our Ogden Personal Injury Lawyer at Parker + McConkie To Help You With Your Case

Schedule an initial consultation with our Ogden personal injury lawyer

The law firm of Parker + McConkie encourages all Ogden residents who are seeking a personal injury law firm to review their medical malpractice, auto accident, or other personal injury damage claim to schedule a free case evaluation.

During that no-obligation consultation, we will listen compassionately to your story and review the police reports and any medical records and medical bills you have that we can use to prove the defendant’s negligence and win your case.

Like other personal injury lawyers, the legal team at Parker + McConkie works on a contingency fee basis. We will discuss the financial arrangements further during your free consultation. Still, you owe us no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses, damages, and losses.

There is nothing to lose by scheduling a free consultation with our seasoned attorneys. We use these initial consultations to help potential clients get to know us and learn how our law firm can help them get the civil justice they need again to be made whole.

Don’t wait in pain another day! Give the law firm of Parker + McConkie a call at (801) 877-1493 or reach out using our handy online form. One of our friendly and helpful legal associates will be in touch to set up a consultation at your convenience.

Call 801-845-0440 to get in touch with a member of our firm after your accident. We can review your case for free!

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