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Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyer

Compassionate Wyoming Personal Injury Lawyer At Parker & McConkie

Accidents are inevitable mishaps that could happen to anyone. The carelessness of one person means danger to another. The law recognizes the burden a personal injury victim needs to carry after surviving an accident. Because of this, the law holds the defendant accountable for their lack of due care.

However, there are certain cases when defendants refuse to acknowledge their mistakes to avoid financial compensation. As a victim, it’s crucial to protect yourself from such circumstances.

A Wyoming personal injury attorney can assist you with that. At Parker & McConkie, our Wyoming personal injury lawyers have helped countless victims in the past, and we can help you too!

Parker & McConkie | Who We Are

Wyoming Personal Injury Law Firm

Parker & McConkie is an established law firm composed of the finest Wyoming personal injury attorneys. Our team of established personal injury lawyers has vast experience handling different personal injury cases. Our Wyoming personal injury law firm will help you from car accidents to workplace injuries.

As a people-centered personal injury law firm, our aim is not to obtain money from our clients. Our goal at Parker & McConkie is to help our clients achieve the justice they rightfully deserve. We have worked with innumerable clients, all of them bringing unique cases to our office. We helped our clients hold their defendants accountable for the injuries they sustained.

How Parker & McConkie Can Help You with Your Personal Injury Case in Wyoming

Parker & McConkie is comprised of highly experienced personal injury lawyers in Wyoming. We help our clients with their personal injury cases by building a solid legal strategy. Our law firm utilizes a comprehensive series of actions to make the most robust case possible. In a brief overview, here’s how we can help you:

  • Case investigation. Our team of legal experts will thoroughly analyze your case. We will look at every possible angle to provide the best legal counsel. We will ask the necessary questions during this process and recover the facts surrounding the accident.
  • Evidence recovery. Part of establishing facts in a personal injury case is to recover shreds of compelling evidence. We will obtain a copy of police reports, medical reports, and witness testimonies. We can use these pieces of evidence to help you establish a solid legal defense.
  • Building you a solid case. After gathering the facts surrounding your accident, we will make your case. Our personal injury lawyers will prepare a legal strategy that targets the pain points of your personal injury case.
  • Claims negotiation. We helped clients negotiate their settlement with the defendant’s insurance company throughout our years of legal assistance. We were able to maximize our client’s compensation through effective negotiation.
  • Case representation. Suppose a defendant refuses to take responsibility for the accident. In that case, we can represent you on your behalf before the court. We will do our best to deliver the best possible outcome for you.

We Represent a Spectrum of Personal Injury Cases in Wyoming

Wyoming personal injury cases we handle

Personal injury law is a broad section of the legal system. This section of the law comprises accidents caused by another person’s negligence. Personal injury can be in the form of a car accident, a pedestrian accident, and even a dog bite accident.

Our team of personal injury attorneys has a profound understanding of the legal system surrounding a personal injury case. The law office of Parker & McConkie specializes in this aspect of the law. The following sections will discuss the different personal injury cases our lawyers handle.

Car Accidents

In Wyoming, car accidents happen almost every day. In 2019, nearly 120 fatal crashes were documented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The department also reported 147 deaths from these catastrophic crashes in the same report.

Car accident victims often sustain severe injuries after the event. Traumatic brain injuries are commonly reported following a car accident. Other injuries such as broken bones and spinal cord damage are also reported in cases of car accidents.

Bicycle Accidents

Wyoming bicycle accidents

From 2010 to 2014, Wyoming reported 408 occurrences of local bicycle accidents. It is estimated that almost 80 bicycle accidents happen each year. Bicycle accidents are also uncommon in Wyoming.

Some injuries you can sustain from bicycle accidents are head trauma injuries, whiplash, and soft-tissue damage. Bike accident victims also have paralysis after the accident. It’s crucial to seek immediate medical care after the unfortunate event.

Trucking Accidents

From 2018 to 2019, 1,749 truck accidents have been reported in Wyoming. 2019 documented the highest fatal crash count since 2017 (1,408 truck crash counts). The state recorded over 400 total injuries and 34 fatalities from the same report.

A truck accident victim often suffers from fractures and third-degree burns. Victims often sustain spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injuries in more severe scenarios, potentially leading to permanent damage.

Motorcycle Accidents

Wyoming motorcycle accidents

In 2016, motorcycle accidents in Wyoming took the lives of 21 motorcyclists. In the same report, only eight motorcycle riders were equipped with a helmet when the accident occurred. Motorcycle accidents have been growing nationwide since before.

Victims of motorcycle accidents in Wyoming often suffer serious injuries such as severe head trauma. This injury could permanently affect the victim’s normal brain function. Like bicyclists, a motorcycle offers little protection compared to other motor vehicles. Because of this, motorists must wear appropriate gear when riding a motorcycle.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents don’t always end well for the victim. The sheer size of a motor vehicle could decimate a passing pedestrian during a collision. To prevent this, Wyoming established several laws to control the traffic and avoid catastrophic pedestrian accidents.

Victims of this accident often suffer crash injuries and severe fractures. Seeking emergency medical attention after the event is crucial to preserve the victim’s life. In most cases, a victim sustains a permanent disability after the accident.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Wyoming commercial vehicle accident

We always encounter commercial vehicles such as package delivery vans, construction trucks, and tour buses in our daily lives.

However, they are not exempted from accidents.

Accidents caused by these vehicles are often caused by negligent or distracted driving. Pedestrians injured by commercial vehicles often sustain head damage and broken bones.

Drunk Driving and Dram Shop

Drunk driving accidents happen in every state. All states in the US have established several laws to control the accidents caused by intoxicated drivers. Wyoming has adopted the dram shop law to hold establishments selling alcoholic beverages accountable for the defendant’s actions.

Severe injuries could arise because of drunk driving. Victims of drunk driving often sustain traumatic brain damage and soft-tissue damage. In some instances, a victim can sustain fractures because of the collision impact.

Workplace Accidents

Wyoming workplace accidents

Specific workplaces are more prone to cause catastrophic injuries compared to others. An employer must ensure that a workplace is relatively safe for workers, and they must also establish adequate warning signs to prevent workplace accidents. Slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of work-related accidents.

A workplace accident victim can sustain various physical injuries depending on their industry. Construction workers are often the victim of these injuries. Workers from the construction industry often suffer from electrocution, burns, and chemical damages because of the nature of their job.

Medical Malpractice

Physicians are held to the highest standard compared to most professionals. However, they can also mess up their job and cause irreversible damage to their patient. Because of this, the law holds physicians and other healthcare practitioners liable for the safety of their patients during a medical procedure.

Injuries caused by medical malpractice often stem from misdiagnosis and improper medication. An incorrect surgical procedure also contributes to medical malpractice injuries. Victims of these accidents often suffer from medicine poisoning and internal bleeding.

Dog Bites

Wyoming dog bites

A dog’s saliva is filled with rabies. Rabies is a deadly virus known to cause catastrophic damage to the brain and its functions.

Victims can hold dog owners liable for the injuries their dog caused.

Other than a rabies infection, dog attack victims can suffer from other bacterial and viral infections, permanent scarring, and puncture wounds.

Brain Injuries

The brain serves as the command center for our bodies. This organ is responsible for the majority of our autonomic physiological reactions. When our brain is injured, it can impact the whole operation of our body. Our senses may get impaired, and our body’s control may worsen.

Suffering from a brain injury is not the same as suffering from other types of bodily harm. Most body ailments, such as fractures and muscle damage, may recover over time. On the other hand, severe brain damage may result in lasting disabilities. Cases involving brain injuries are not to be taken lightly.

Spinal Injuries

Wyoming spinal injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be caused by a traumatic accident or medical malpractice. When a severe disability impairs your quality of life, you may feel powerless, helpless, and severely frustrated. Seeking justice for your injuries will assist you in obtaining the finances you require to live everyday life.

When someone does you harm, they must be held accountable. A spinal cord injury attorney ensures that the procedure is fair and efficient.

Government Liability

The government can be held accountable for personal injury cases if their property prompted the accident. Suppose you are involved in an accident caused by a government employee, property, or project. In that case, you can hold these government entities liable for the damages you sustained from the accident.

Wrongful Death

Wyoming wrongful death

There are certain cases when a victim dies due to an accident.

These cases are referred to as wrongful death.

Families of the late victim can initiate a lawsuit against the accident defendant and demand appropriate compensation to cover the deceased victim’s funeral costs.

Compensatory Damages Available to Personal Injury Victims in Wyoming

Victims of catastrophic injury can demand compensation from their defendants. They can request a certain amount of money depending on the severity of the damages they sustained from the accident. A victim must seek legal assistance when dealing with an insurance company. Lawyers do not always recommend accepting an initial settlement offer without the counsel of a Wyoming personal injury lawyer.

  • Economic damages. Economic damages are any financially impacting damages a victim can sustain. This includes medical bills, property damages, lost wages, and repair fees. A victim who suffered a permanent disability can also request compensation for a loss of potential earnings.
  • Non-economic damages. Non-economic damage is subjective compensation. These damages are not financially impacting, unlike economic damages. This includes compensation for pain, suffering, and mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages. Unlike the first two damages, punitive damages are punishment aimed at the defendant. The court can award this damage to the defendant if the defendant’s actions are rooted in recklessness or malice.

Comparative Negligence: What You Need to Know!

According to WY Stat § 1-1-109 of the Wyoming Law, the state follows a modified comparative negligence law. This statute means that victims who contributed more than 50% of the accident cannot recover compensation for their injuries. You must employ the help of a personal injury lawyer knowledgeable of the state’s legal process and statutes. They can help you establish your case effectively.

Why Hire Parker & McConkie Personal Injury Law Firm?

Personal injury law firm in Wyoming

Parker & McConkie is an established personal injury law firm in Wyoming. Our successful track record in personal injury representation proves the efficiency of our work. Throughout our experience, we created a solid attorney-client relationship with our former clients.

Several award-giving bodies recognize our team of personal injury attorneys in the field of injury law.

Wyoming Personal Injury FAQs

How much is my Wyoming personal injury case worth?

It’s hard to provide a specific amount on how much a victim can receive for their injuries. A personal injury attorney needs to evaluate the degree of a victim’s injury and other damages before providing an accurate estimate. In general, the more severe the damage is, the more significant amount of compensation you can receive.

How long do I have to file a personal injury case against the at-fault party in Wyoming?

According to WY Stat § 1-3-105, accident injury victims can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for up to four years from the accident date. This limitation means that you and your lawyer need to start working on your case as soon as possible. This immediate action can prevent the dismissal of your case.

How much does a Wyoming personal injury attorney cost?

Personal injury lawyers charge different rates depending on the severity of your case. It’s vital to speak with your prospective lawyer to obtain a specific amount for lawyer fees.

Do I need a lawyer for Personal Injury in Wyoming?

Hiring the aid of a WY personal injury attorney is beneficial for your case. A lawyer can help you even out the playing field. At the same time, you propel your chances of recovering and maximizing your compensation with their help.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Any injury you sustained from an accident is a candidate for a personal injury case. A lawyer can assess your situation and identify if your accident is a valid personal injury case.

How do I win my personal injury claim?

There are several ways you can do to win your injury claim. However, hiring a lawyer is the best and most effective way of winning a personal injury claim.

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Wyoming personal injury attorney

Accidents happen every day. It’s vital to protect your rights when a reckless person injures you. If you need an efficient legal assistant, the experienced Wyoming personal injury lawyer at Parker & McConkie got your back! You can reach us by calling (385) 220-0383. You can also schedule your free consultation by completing our online form.

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