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Accidents are almost inevitable. Thousands of Americans are injured every day due to accidents caused by negligent individuals. If a negligent person victimizes you, you might be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and other damages. However, the person responsible for the accident might deny your claims and build a case to dodge responsibility. If they win their case, you are left with nothing but injuries from the accident. Hiring a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you prevent this scenario from happening.

At Parker & McConkie, our Salt Lake City injury lawyer has a profound knowledge of personal injury law. Our team defended countless victims throughout our years of experience. Contact our Salt Lake City personal injury law firm now for a free consultation!

What a Salt Lake City Injury Lawyer Can Do for You?


Salt Lake City personal injury lawyers are legal professionals specializing in Utah laws. These attorneys are adept in the legal system of the state. They can help you establish a compelling case to establish your personal injury claims.

Case investigation. A Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can help uncover the truth behind your case. They will meticulously assess the situation and create a connection between the accident points.

Evidence collection. Once your attorney has established the accounts of the accident, they will help you recover valuable pieces of evidence for your case. Your lawyer will use these shreds of evidence to appoint the liability to the responsible party.

Case building. Your lawyer will begin building your case once all the facts and evidence are obtained. Once the claim is made, they will handle the negotiation with your defendant’s insurance company.

Effective legal representation. Generally, a personal injury case ceases after the settlement negotiation. If you and the defendant cannot agree on the settlement offer, taking the case to court might be necessary. An attorney can help you establish your truth and recover your deserved compensation.

Why Choose Parker & McConkie as Your Salt Lake City Personal Injury Law Firm?

Parker & McConkie is an award-winning personal injury legal company in Salt Lake City, UT. Our Salt Lake City personal injury attorneys have handled several individual injury cases in the past, and we have been successful in most of them. We assist our clients in filing personal injury claims and getting the most compensation possible.

  • Increase your compensation. Our proven track record demonstrates how we efficiently assisted our clients in increasing the value of their injury cases. We will not stop negotiating until a resolution is reached in your best interests.
  • We are an established legal team. All of our lawyers have received many honors from various award-giving agencies. Our attorneys were able to demonstrate experience and competency in their specialty.
  • Four decades of legal service and counting. Parker & McConkie legal firm has been in operation for more than 40 years. We have been providing quality legal services to Utah citizens for 4 decades.
  • Contingency fee. At our law company, we believe everybody should obtain practical legal aid. With this, our Salt Lake City personal injury attorney operates on a contingency basis. We will guarantee your victory before you pay us.

We Handle a Variety of Salt Lake City Personal Injury Cases


A serious injury is inevitable in a catastrophic accident. Victims of such accidents are often left to deal with the damages on their own. Without the legal aid of a personal injury lawyer, a defendant can easily escape responsibility for the accident.

Because of this, hiring a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer can help ensure that you will receive financial compensation from the responsible party. Parker & McConkie is an established personal injury law firm. We handle various personal injury cases. Here are some of the personal injury cases we handle in Salt Lake City.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most frequently reported personal injury suits in the United States. Furthermore, car collisions account mainly for personal injury claims involving a motor vehicle. A car accident can cause serious bodily damage such as traumatic brain injury, fractured bones, and burns.

Bicycle Accidents


Due to a lack of protective gear, bicyclists are at risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in the case of an accident. A standard bicycle does not offer the same amount of protection as other motor vehicles. The majority of bicycle accidents result in shattered bones and crushing injuries. However, some riders have had more severe injuries, including brain and spinal cord damage.


Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are among the most commonly involved types of trucks in accidents. Truck accidents are quite complex. Victims may find difficulties determining responsibility for this tragedy because multiple parties can be liable for the accident. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Salt Lake City, seek help from our experienced truck accident lawyer.

Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcyclists are at a high risk of suffering catastrophic injuries in the event of a motorcycle collision. Because of their size, motorcycles can easily maneuver in tight spaces. However, this is a crucial factor in the majority of motorcycle accidents. Fractures and crushing injuries are typical after a motorcycle accident.


Pedestrian Accidents

Victims of pedestrian accidents typically get serious traumatic brain injuries and crushing injuries due to the incident. Failure to allow pedestrians the right of way is one of the known causes of pedestrian accidents. If you suffered injuries in a pedestrian accident, contact our Salt Lake City personal injury attorney, who is well-versed in personal injury law.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents


A commercial vehicle accident has multiple components. Litigation may be necessary when the at-fault party refuses to accept responsibility for the accident. If a loved one was killed or injured in a car accident, you should urgently speak with a personal injury lawyer.


Drunk Driving and Dram Shop

Many regulations have been implemented in Utah to protect its residents from the recklessness of drunk drivers. In 2019, 15 of the 86 fatally injured drivers had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.8 percent. According to state law, the legal BAC limit in Utah for most adult drivers is 0.05 percent.

Workplace Accidents


Slip and fall occurrences account for the vast majority of workplace injuries. Employees who have been injured on the job have the right to seek workplace compensation from their employer. Filing a lawsuit against the worker’s employer, on the other hand, could be challenging. Hiring an experienced workplace accident lawyer is crucial in these situations.


Medical Malpractice

Physicians and other healthcare personnel are accountable for their patient’s health and well-being. If medical therapy is given carelessly by a physician, they may jeopardize many patients’ lives. Victims of medical malpractice may sue their doctor or the hospital for their losses due to their doctor’s carelessness.

Dog Bites


Per Utah state law, a dog is an owner’s property. As a result, dog owners are held accountable for any injuries, property damage, or death caused by their dogs. If a dog attacks you in your neighborhood, you can sue the dog’s owners since they are responsible for their canines.


Brain Injuries

The brain is one of our bodies’ most essential organs. Medical professionals recognize this vital organ as our body’s point of command. Because of its importance to our body, traumatic brain damage could lead to severe complications or a permanent disability.

Spinal Injuries


Slip and fall incidents, common in workplace mishaps, can result in brain damage and spinal injuries. Motor function loss is a typical complaint among spinal injury sufferers. Furthermore, spinal damage may result in paralysis if the injury is severe enough. As a result of these injuries, victims usually lose some of their senses.


Government Liability

The government is the owner of public roadways and other public facilities. These establishments, however, may be hazardous sometimes. Many victims are unaware that they can sue local government bodies for any damage sustained caused within the government’s premises or projects.

Wrongful Death


Deaths are unavoidable in lethal events such as vehicle accidents and chemical burn mishaps. As a result, wounded people who sustain serious injuries die. In this case, a victim’s family member may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the party at blame.


Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases


Catastrophic injuries could arise from tremendous accident cases, such as vehicular accidents. Victims placed at high risk because of someone else’s negligence can sustain debilitating injuries. Accident victims can sue the responsible party for their damages in this case.

Spinal cord injury. Damage to the spinal cord could lead to serious health complications. In most cases, spinal cord injuries produce extensive or lifelong damages. One of the most commonly observed apparent manifestations of a spinal cord injury is the complete or partial loss of senses.

Traumatic head and brain injury. Motor vehicle collisions are often the culprit of traumatic head and brain damage. Victims of this injury often experience severe neurological conditions. In some cases, the head contusions cause them to create significant lapses in their memory.

Fractures and amputation. Catastrophic accidents could lead to limb loss. Collision and workplace accident victims often report broken bones following an incident. Workplace accident victims who often work with large sharp machines have a higher risk of accidental amputation.

Crushing injuries. Entrapped body parts are at significant risk of sustaining crushing injuries. These devastating injuries can lead to severe complications due to the crushing pressure of two heavy objects trapping the body part.

Compensation Available for Personal Injury Victims in Salt Lake City

As previously established, individuals injured by accident can obtain financial support from the responsible party. Plaintiffs can recover various forms of compensation depending on their injuries. To further understand what you can recover in an accident, we listed the different forms of compensatory damages:

  • Economic damages. A victim can recover medical bills, lost wages, future medical expenses, and property damages. These compensations are called economic damages. Economic damages refer to any objective damages a victim sustained that directly affected their finances.
  • Non-economic damages. In contrast, emotional distress, emotional damages, and mental anguish belong to non-economic damages. These damages cover all subjective damages. These damages do not necessarily affect the victim’s finances.
  • Punitive damages. Punitive damage is a punishment rather than a type of settlement. The court imposes this sentence on offenders who caused an accident due to gross negligence.

Dealing with Insurance Companies


One of the most evident hurdles in filing a personal injury claim is dealing with insurance companies. Generally, insurance adjusters will try their best to minimize or even avoid paying the victim at all costs. Most of the time, they will challenge every piece of evidence your party will present.

Because of this enormous challenge, hiring an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer is crucial. The words of insurance companies will not easily sway an experienced lawyer. They will put up a fight to provide you with fair compensation.

Employing the assistance of an effective lawyer will ensure that you will receive full compensation. It’s not always easy to obtain just compensation from the hands of greedy insurance companies. But you can avoid this from occurring with the help of our lawyers. At Parker & McConkie, we were able to successfully maximize the settlement amount of our clients and help them back to their feet.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer provides a myriad of advantages. A personal injury attorney is highly knowledgeable about the laws surrounding accident cases. When you hire a professional to handle your case, you can allot more time focusing on your recovery than stressing over what you need to do after a catastrophic personal injury.

  • Establish your personal injury case. A lawyer will thoroughly evaluate the issue at hand and help you recover compelling shreds of evidence to support your claims. They will provide you with different legal options.
  • Prove the at-fault person’s liability. An attorney can help you establish your position in an accident injury case. These proficient legal professionals will not allow the responsible party to get away with the accident initiated by their recklessness.
  • Obtain a fair settlement amount. A highly experienced personal injury lawyer can help you negotiate the amount of your settlement. Communicating with insurance companies is not an easy task. But, an experienced attorney can convince even the most stringent insurance adjuster.

Salt Lake City Personal Injury FAQs

How much is my Salt Lake City personal injury case worth?

The value of your personal injury case heavily relies on the damages you sustained. Because of this, it’s not easy to provide an exact amount without doing a thorough case evaluation. Several factors, such as the cost of your future medical care, estimated lost wages, and property damages, will determine the amount of your maximum compensation.

It’s necessary to have a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer take a thorough look at your case. They can provide you with an accurate estimation of the compensation you can recover for your damages and losses.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Salt Lake City?

Two legal statutes provide the context of limitations in personal injury cases occurring in Utah. Utah’s state law, 78-12-25states that injuries arising from negligent accidents have four-year limitations. This law means that accident victims can file a lawsuit against the responsible individual within four years from the accident’s death.

On the other hand, UTC 78-12-28 states that wrongful deaths have a limitation of two years. A surviving family member or spouse can file a lawsuit against the responsible defendant within two years of the victim’s death.

Will I go to court if I file a personal injury claim?

Most personal injury cases don’t need to proceed to court. This is because most personal injury claims settle out of court. The only time a case requires to move to the court is when both parties refuse to agree on a settlement amount. Regardless, hiring our personal injury lawyer at Parker & McConkie can help you guarantee a top-notch legal representation and settlement negotiation.

How much does a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney cost?

Our personal injury attorney works on a contingency fee basis. A contingency fee agreement means that you will only pay your lawyer with the money you will receive from your personal injury case. This means that if they are not successful in winning your case, you don’t need to pay for their services.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

In the most general definition, a personal injury case is caused by another person’s negligence. Two critical elements are ended to identify a personal injury case. First, you need to provide proof of the defendant’s negligence. Second, you need to show that you sustained bodily or property damages because of their lack of due care.

Is it worth getting a personal injury attorney?

Hiring an attorney who practices law in this field is critical in winning your personal injury case. They possess a profound understanding of the legalities behind accident injury cases. An attorney can help you increase the amount of compensation you can receive. At Parker & McConkie, our team of personal injury attorneys helped countless injury victims in the past. And we can provide the same assistance to your case!

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