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What a Provo Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do for You?

Thousands of accidents occur every day as a result of negligence. This increase in the number of personal injury cases also increases lawyers’ demand. Provo personal injury lawyers aim to help accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve.

Without a lawyer, a victim might be tempted to accept a low initial settlement offer. This amount is usually insufficient to cover the victim’s medical fees and lost wages. At Parker & McConkie, our team of Provo personal injury attorneys is dedicated to helping clients regain their strength to start again.

If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, contact our team of Provo personal injury lawyers at (801) 845-0440 for a free consultation.

Parker & McConkie | Who We Are


Parker & McConkie is an award-winning Provo personal injury law firm. Our attorneys handled many personal injury cases in the past, and we succeeded in most of them. We help our clients file their personal injury claims and assist them in recovering the maximum compensation possible.

Our law firm has existed for more than 40 years now. We gained the necessary experience and skills to effectively fight our client’s cases throughout this period. We were able to help most of our victims recover millions in injury compensation.

The Benefits of Hiring a Provo Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a Provo personal injury lawyer is highly beneficial for accident victims. A Provo injury lawyer knows the statutes and legal system of the state. These legal professionals can also identify substantial evidence in a personal injury case.

Moreover, an experienced attorney can help you negotiate insurance claims with the responsible insurance company. They can help accurately estimate the victim’s compensation and demand the appropriate amount from the defendant’s insurance provider. A proficient attorney can help victims with a multitude of legal issues.

Parker & McConkie Represents Clients in a Variety of Personal Injury Suits


Many reported accidents result in catastrophic injuries such as broken bones and back injuries.

Contact our law firm now if a negligent person injures you!

Parker & McConkie can help you with your legal needs and ensure that you and your case are treated fairly.

Car Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are among the most commonly reported personal injury cases nationwide. Furthermore, car accidents account for most personal injury cases related to a motor vehicle. A car accident can result in severe injuries such as traumatic brain injury, broken bones, and burn injuries.

Bicycle Accidents


Bicyclists are in danger of incurring catastrophic injuries in the event of an accident due to the lack of protective equipment. A conventional bicycle does not provide the same level of protection as other types of motor vehicles.

Most bicycle accident instances involve broken bones and crushing injuries. But, some bikers have more severe injuries, including brain and spinal cord injuries.

Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks are among the most prevalent types of trucks involved in accidents. As with other commercial vehicle accidents, victims might face challenges in determining the liability for this accident. One of the most prevalent types of transportation accidents is jackknifing.

Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcyclists, like bicyclists, are at a high risk of catastrophic injuries after a motorbike collision. Motorcyclists can readily move in narrow places due to their size.

However, this is a principal element in the majority of motorbike accidents.

Following a motorbike collision, fractures and crushing injuries are common.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accident victims frequently suffer severe traumatic brain injuries and crushing injuries due to the event. One of the known causes of pedestrian accidents is failing to give pedestrians the right of way. It would help if you chose a well-versed attorney in personal injury law to fight these cases.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents


A commercial vehicle accident involves several elements.

Litigation may be required when the at-fault party refuses to accept responsibility for the accident.

If your loved one was killed or hurt in a vehicle accident, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Drunk Driving and Dram Shop

Utah has enacted many laws to safeguard its inhabitants from the irresponsibility of a drunk driver. In 2019, 15 of 86 dead drivers were found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of more than 0.08 percent. According to state law, the legal limit for most adult drivers in Utah is 0.05 percent.

Workplace Accidents


The majority of occupational injuries are caused by slip and fall incidents.

Injured workers have the right to collect workplace compensation from their employer.

Filing a case against the wounded worker’s employer, on the other hand, might be difficult. In these cases, hiring the finest workplace accident lawyer is critical.

Medical Malpractice

Physicians and other health care workers are responsible for preserving their patients’ health and life. A negligent physician might jeopardize many patients’ lives if medical treatment is performed carelessly. Victims of medical malpractice can sue their doctor or the hospital for their losses due to negligence.

Dog Bites


According to Utah state law, the dog is the owner’s property.

As a result, dog owners are held liable for any injuries, destruction, or death caused by their pets.

If a dog attacks and injures you in your area, you can sue the dog’s owners since they are liable for their dogs.

Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the most critical organs of our bodies. This organ is regarded as the command and control center of our entire body. Damage to the brain can be severe or permanent. There are several situations in which victims might injure or traumatize their brains.

Spinal Injuries


A slip and fall accident, which is highly prevalent in industrial accidents, might result in spinal injury. Loss of motor functions is a common complaint among victims of spinal injuries.

Furthermore, spinal damage might result in paralysis if the accident is serious enough.

Victims frequently lose aspects of their senses as a result of these injuries.

Government Liability

The government owns public highways and other public facilities. However, these businesses may be dangerous places. Many victims are unaware that they can sue local government entities for any injuries experienced from a government property or project.

Wrongful Death


Deaths are unavoidable in fatal accidents such as car collisions and chemical burn accidents.

As a result, injured patients who experience severe damages die.

In this circumstance, a victim’s family member may launch a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party.

Damages You Can Recover Through a Personal Injury Claim

Accident victims are protected by the law to demand just compensation from the at-fault defendant. If you sustained personal injuries from a catastrophic accident, you could receive financial support from the defendant. This form of payment is called economic damage. Another form of recoverable damage is called non-economic damage.

  • Economic damage. Medical bills, present and future medical expenses, and lost wages are all part of this recoverable damage. Damages under this type of compensation are objective. This is what most people think of when they think of payment.
  • Non-economic damage. In contrast, non-economic damage is subjective. Mental anguish, pain, and suffering are all parts of this compensation. In addition, spouses of wrongful death victims can demand a loss of consortium payment, which is also covered here.
  • Punitive damage. This form of recoverable damage is more of a punishment than compensation. Defendants who conducted grave negligence are awarded this damage. They must pay the amount specified by the court as a punishment for their carelessness.

Grounds for Determining a Personal Injury Claim

An accident causing bodily injury is a serious legal issue. Before a victim can file a lawsuit against the responsible party, they must identify if their case is a valid personal injury case. Here are some of the most vital elements to classify a personal injury case.

  • Intention. If the defendant or the at-fault party intentionally plotted your accident, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against them. Moreover, they may also face some criminal charges depending on the nature of the crime.
  • Negligence. Lack of due care can cause severe injuries to another person. Suppose the defendant did not intend to cause you harm, but their recklessness caused an accident. In that case, you can file still file a lawsuit against them.
  • Accountability of action. This factor happens when a defendant admits to the action but they did not foresee the outcome. A victim can still hold the defendant liable for their actions.

Provo Personal Injury FAQs

How much is my Provo personal injury case worth?

In a personal injury lawsuit, it’s challenging to offer a concrete amount. Several variables may influence the value of your injury lawsuit. It is critical to have an expert attorney analyze your case and show a ballpark figure for your compensation.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Provo, Utah?

According to Utah law, an injury victim has four years from the date of the injury to sue their defendant. When the time limit expires, the victim can no longer hold the at-fault person liable for the accident.

Will I have to go to court?

The defendant will make a preliminary settlement offer to the victim in most cases. This settlement offer is flexible, and the victim may demand more if they think they are entitled to more than the sum provided. However, if two parties cannot reach an agreement, the issue may need to be taken to court.

How much does a personal injury attorney cost?

The attorney’s fee varies from one legal firm to the next. If you’re on a tight budget, search for a lawyer that works on a contingency basis.

What if I am partially liable for the accident? Can I still recover damages?

Utah has a modified comparative negligence statute. This negligence statute means that if the victim is 50 percent or more to blame for the accident, they will not obtain any monetary compensation.

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