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Airbags save lives and reduce injuries related to motor vehicle accidents. All too often, airbags have caused injuries and also caused the deaths of drivers and passengers. Defective airbags have been an issue since they were invented to help prevent injuries and fatalities. Many people turn to a reputable Utah car accident attorney to seek the compensation that they deserve for their airbag-related injuries. Family members of deceased loved ones who died because of airbag defects deserve justice and compensation for the loss of their loved ones. 

Get Legal Assistance From Our Utah Airbag Injury Lawyer if You’re Injured by a Defective Airbag

Get legal assistance from our airbag injury lawyer

Experiencing injuries or having a loved one lose their life because of a defective airbag is likely to devastate individuals and families. Because of this, you would want an experienced personal injury lawyer with a reputation for standing up for their clients.

Your attorney will help guide you through the legal process to get the just compensation you deserve because of the defective airbag injuries. Many people rely on the expertise of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will help you determine if you have a case, whether you should proceed with your sole legal claim for the defective airbag, or if you should become part of a class action lawsuit against the airbag manufacturer.

Our attorneys help you obtain the compensation you deserve due to your injuries or the death of a loved one who would not have died but for the airbag injuries. Do not assume that you do not have a case because you were involved in a collision when the defective airbag was deployed or failed to deploy. Airbags injure drivers and kill drivers and passengers when they do not work how they are supposed to protect them.

Understanding the Airbag Deployment Process

Attorneys who handle personal injury cases involving claims against auto manufacturers understand that airbags often malfunction. They are supposed to protect drivers and passengers during a car crash.

The airbag deployment process can occur with any airbag, typically located in the steering wheel and front of the dashboard on the vehicle’s passenger side. Some cars and other vehicles have side airbags.

The airbags are made of a light fabric and connected to a crash sensor when installed in a vehicle. The airbag is supposed to deploy if the sensor detects a car crash or other type of collision. It deploys up to 200 miles per hour in as little as 1/20 of a second. This fast speed can cause injuries unrelated to the impact of the collision and can sometimes cause death to an individual. Injuries and deaths do not always happen when drivers travel at a high rate of speed. Deaths occur even with moderate-impact collisions.

Although a manufacturer is supposed to make airbags that properly deploy to prevent or minimize serious injuries, that is not what always happens when an airbag is defective, such as the Takata airbags, which clients claimed caused injuries and deaths. 

How Do Defective Airbags Produce Injuries?

How do defective airbags produce injuries

Airbags are supposed to deploy at an incredibly high rate of speed. The speed of the deployment alone can cause injuries or death. Airbags that do not deploy at all also cause injuries or death that would not have occurred solely because of the auto accident. 

Airbags deploy after the sensor detects the collision and ignites a fuel, which results in the bag filling with nitrogen gas to force the airbag out of its storage in the vehicle. The process only takes seconds, which does not allow drivers or passengers to escape a rapidly deployed airbag.

If you or a loved one experienced an injury related to a defective airbag, contact the experienced lawyers at Parker & McConkie to discuss the incident and to reach the best possible outcome for your case. 

Different Causes of Airbag Defects

Injuries occur because of several reasons. There are cases where an individual died because of penetrating injuries from metal fragments inside the airbag and where the airbags deployed and resulted in deaths that would not have occurred but for the defective airbag. Some other cases result because airbags do not deploy when they are supposed to during an accident.

A defective sensor, a slower-than-normal deployment rate, or faster than average deployment rate can result in injuries or deaths. Consumer Reports indicated that there are recalled vehicles from nearly 20 automakers because of defective airbags. The site quoted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) saying it was the “largest and most complex safety recall in U.S. history.”

Failure To Deploy

Failure to deploy

Airbags sometimes do not deploy when an accident occurs, which means that it does not provide the protection it is supposed to provide for drivers and other people in the vehicle. The failure to deploy can cause injury or death to an individual.

Sudden Airbag Deployment

An airbag should not deploy except when it is the moment to deploy at the time of a collision. Airbags sometimes deploy even when an accident does not occur. The sudden deployment does more than frighten the person driving or the other people inside the vehicle. The unexpected deployment may cause a crash. The sudden deployment may also cause injuries or death to people inside the car or truck.

Delayed Deployment

Delayed deployment

Delayed deployment occurs when the airbag deploys at a slower rate than it is supposed to, which can result in an injury or death. The airbag may not properly cushion the person’s head or other body areas to protect against severe damage.

Lack of Proper Air Inflation

The lack of proper air inflation is another common reason an individual experiences injury from a faulty airbag. Airbags that are overinflated can burst, causing trauma.

An underinflated airbag does not offer the intended protection. It means that preventable injuries and deaths may occur because of the lack of proper inflation on the part of the manufacturer. 

Determining Responsibility for a Faulty Airbag

Determining responsibility for a faulty airbag

Determining responsibility for a faulty airbag is one of the most time-consuming steps that your skilled attorney must prove when trying to get the compensation and best possible outcome for your case.

In most cases, the fault could fall on the auto manufacturer for their negligent process. Proving liability in these cases entails establishing that the faulty airbag is a significant factor in your injuries, not just the accident itself.

Hire a law firm with the experience and knowledge to prove that the airbag is faulty and that you have a case against the manufacturer. 

Is an Airbag Defect a Car Accident Case or a Product Liability Lawsuit?

A faulty airbag is a personal injury case. Personal injury lawyers handle these cases and can file a product liability case because of the defective product. The attorney can help you from the start of your case until the resolution.

Some injuries in the lawsuit can be broken bones, facial injuries, injuries from projectiles, and many more. Yet the injuries are because of the airbag and not solely a car accident case.

Trust in a law firm that has experience in product liability cases.

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