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Client Testimonials

Miles M.

This was the first (and hopefully only) time Ive had to deal with a motorcycle accident, let alone the legal side of it. Steve couldn't have made things easier for me. I had lots of questions that he was more than willing to answer. He went out of his way to explain everything to me and make sure I understood everything that was going on. I hopefully wont have to, but if the situation came up, I would definitely use him again.


Ashley T.

"Steven is an excellent lawyer, and he cared about my case. He explained everything to me that I didn’t understand, and made sure the legal process went smoothly for me, and went out of his way to help me. He made sure all of my legal needs were taken care of and that I felt comfortable with all parts of the legal dispute."

Ashley T.

He worked though my case and it went well, it took a while but they made it to where non of us went to court. Steve is also a really nice and well mannered gentleman. It was a good experience.

Adilene T.

I definitely wanted to get my problem over with. Steve asked what papers he wanted from my case and worked his way onto solving what there was in his power to solve.

Allix T.

June 26, 2010 my2 year old son and I were critically burned in a flash fire at our home. As mall fire started resulting in the fire sprinkler system to activate. Propylene glycol was released in an unsafe mixture which accelerated the flames. We were life flighted to the University of Utah Burn Center in critical condition. My son burned on 26% of his body and I at 36%. My baby spent 6 weeks in the Burn Center I a total of 9 weeks in their care...

Kiyaani C.

First off Steve, was an awesome guy he's young and has a great personality and really builds you're trust with him. I was in a very tramatic car accident qhile on my LDS mission and Steve did an amazing job of handling my case. He was very organized with everything and stayed in contact with me all the time and gave me up to date news with the case. Very good guy and worked well with everyone in involved definitely recommended him to any one needing legal action.

Debbie G.

Steve was very helpful in helping me when my husband was hit and killed by a young man who passed out at the wheel.
He learned that the young man had gone to 2 different bars that night and Steve went above and beyond expectation in going after those 2 bars for over serving this young man. ...


Steve was great to work with--very knowledgeable. He patiently walked us through everything and ended up getting us enough money to take care of our future medical needs brought about by the accident.


I spoke with at least 5 or 6 different attorneys about this case. There was a couple of things about this settlement that were out of the norm. I talked with some of the biggest names in the valley and Steve seemed to grasp the issues and simplify them better then the most seasoned partners at big name law firms. Steve's recommendation for settlement amount was not only higher (10x the lowest recommendation of other firms) but we...


Took great care of all me needs. Kept me informed with weekly updates!


I was a passenger in a car A. Car B caused the driver in car A to loose control. Car C hit car A. Car B insurance company didn't want to cover my treatment. I called Steve Jensen and he looked into my case and went after the car B insurance company. I spent and owed lots of money seeking treatments. Fortunately Steve was able to get car B insurance company to pay for my treatments and yes Steve did a great good and I appreciated him for helping me.

Harold B.

I hired Steven Jensen to advice, counsel, and assist in the negotiation of my claims with insurance companies. Steve was very professional and engaged staff and assets in his company to achieve great settlements for me. It is clear tome I could not have received the favorable results without his help. Steve. I can and will recommend to my friends and associates. I was very impressed with the wise counsel and leadership he afforded me...

Dale B.

Steven K Jensen handled our case with professional care. He went out of his way to meet with us locally because we don't live near his office. He he was inconstant communication with us to keep us informed of the progress of the case and was patient with our many questions and concerns. We felt like we were his most important clients! Yes, we would recommend him to our friends, but not to our economies.


It was a pleasure having Steve as my guide through a difficult lawsuit. He was extremely knowledgeable and his demeanor gave me a much needed level of peace. I never felt like an inconvenience. Instead, I felt as though I was his only client. The attorney for the other side was difficult to work with, and it didn't phase Steve. I highly recommend Steve at the highest level.


Steve was honest, diligent, caring, and attentive to detail. He always picked up the phone when I called and returned calls promptly. I'd get responses to my emails right away. He resolved my case in a timely manner. He was very patient with me and helped me understand to understand the litigation process. He is clearly a knowledgeable skilled attorney. His advice to me was insightful. He is a huge asset to his firm. I'd HIGHLY recommend him

Gerri L.

Thank you for the settlement that was reached in my mediation with the county. You are a credit to your profession. On top of it, kind, professional and very knowledgeable with my case. Besides that, you reminded me of my grandson and won my heart. Thank you. God bless you and may your future be bright with much success and happiness.

Patricia H.

Thanks so much for all the time and effort you’ve expended in our behalf this past year. You have certainly gone the extra mile in helping us with this legal matter and want you to know how much we’ve appreciated your expertise. You are an outstanding young man and a real asset to your clients.

Steve C.

Attorney, Steve Jensen helped me with a complicated insurance settlement with regard to physical and professional losses from a serious automobile accident. He acceded my expectations keeping me up to date on negotiations with two insurance companies. Steve was creative in collecting information to enhance my final settlement. The settlement is much appreciated and will enhance my wife and I's retirement. Thanks so much Steve!!!

Melinda C.

Parker McConkie is an excellent law firm with high standards and a reputation for legal excellence. I have referred this firm regularly and without reservation to friends needing outstanding legal assistance. Highly recommend.

Michelle B.

Parker & McConkie has the best attorneys I’ve ever worked with! Brian Stewart is relatable, trustworthy and really knows his stuff. He was wonderful to work with and responded right away to any of our questions or concerns and kept us updated every step of the way.

Nancy C.

They took really Good care of me all through out my case.

Jessica J.

Working with Steve was amazing! Me and my husband were both in a car wreck and had neck and back injuries. Dealing with the insurance in the beginning was a nightmare and medical bills piled up quickly. Immediately after I met with him the first time he took everything over and handled all aspects of my case. It was a huge weight off my shoulders. I’m very greatful for him and appreciate all him and his partners did for my family.

Gaylene P.

3 weeks agoNEW I was rear ended in an auto accident and without their help I couldn't have gotten through it all. Couldn't have done it on my own. I was able to get me a new car because mine was totalled. I really appreciated what they done for me. They were professional and easy to talk to.

Jamie G.

Steven P.

Steve was very professional and helped us out greatly

John C.

It was easy as 123 , Treated us right & ended up with a nice seattlment ! If I do which I hope I don’t get into another accident but if I do , I will reach out to them again !

Evandro S.

They are have professional were able to connect me with some great therapy clinic for my recovery. And the settlement was good.

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