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In 2019, approximately 33,244 fatal motor crashes were reported nationwide. The United States documented 36,096 individual deaths from deadly collisions in the same statistics. Accidents happen every day, and they can cause catastrophic injuries.

Recovering compensation as an accident victim is a complicated task. In some cases, victims don’t receive financial support from the responsible party. This avoidance of liability is a burden on the victim’s end. However, there’s a way you can avoid this when you are in this situation.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Saratoga Springs, UT can prevent this from happening. Our Saratoga Springs personal injury lawyer at Parker & McConkie is a highly-experienced professional. Our Saratoga Springs injury lawyer handled countless accident cases in the past and helped victims recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Why Hire the Personal Injury Lawyers at Parker & McConkie?

Selecting the best Saratoga Springs personal injury lawyers is crucial in winning your case. As the plaintiff, you must meticulously choose the lawyer you are hiring in your case. Here’s what we can assure you when you choose Parker & McConkie Saratoga Springs personal injury attorneys.

Boost your compensation. Our proven track record demonstrates how we effectively assisted our clients in maximizing their personal injury claims. We will not stop negotiating until a resolution is reached in your best interests.

We are a team of established attorneys. Most of Parker & McConkie’s lawyers have received many honors from various award-giving agencies. Our attorneys were able to demonstrate experience and competency in their specialty.

40+ years of legal expertise. Parker & McConkie law firm has been in operation for a long time. Parker & McConkie’s legal team has provided quality legal services to Utah citizens for over 40 years.

You don’t pay unless we win. Our law office believes that everybody should be able to obtain adequate legal aid. As a result, our attorneys operate on a contingency basis. We will guarantee your victory before you pay us.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Car accident cases often involve commercially-owned vehicles. Injured car accident victims often sustain catastrophic head injuries after the accident. Moreover, they also suffer from partial or total body paralysis from car accidents.

There are various factors involved in a commercial vehicle accident. Litigation may be necessary when the at-fault party refuses to take accountability for the accident. If your loved one died from a car accident, you must speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Drunk Driving and Dram Shop

Utah state law establishes various statutes to protect its citizens from the recklessness of a drunk driver. In 2019, 15 out of 86 deceased drivers were reported to have a BAC greater than 0.8%. According to Utah state law, 0.08% is the threshold for most adult drivers.

Some of the most common bodily injuries related to intoxicated driving are traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and crushing injuries. It’s vital to contact emergency medical services after an accident. As a victim, you must not resist check-ups from emergency responders. Some injuries manifest only after a few days or weeks from the accident.

Workplace Accidents

Specific industries are more prone to accidents than some. The construction industry is one of the most accident-prone jobs nationwide. Workplace accidents vary depending on different industries. This variation in factors is caused by the various hazards present in each sector.

Slip and fall accidents account for most workplace injury cases. Workers injured during work hours are entitled to receive workplace compensation from their employer. In contrast, filing a lawsuit against the injured worker’s company can be challenging. Hiring the best workplace accident lawyer is vital in these circumstances.

Medical Malpractice

Physicians and other health care providers are tasked to preserve the health and life of their patients. Carelessness in a medical procedure can risk the lives of many patients. Medical malpractice victims can sue their physician or the hospital for the damages they sustained from the malpractice.

Some well-known medical malpractice cases are misdiagnosis, incorrect treatments, and surgical error. Once the victim notices or experiences a side-effect of an improper medical procedure, they can sue their primary care provider. However, there’s a statute of limitation for these cases. It’s best to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer Saratoga Springs UT immediately after speaking with the at-fault physician.

Dog Bites

Utah state law identifies the dog as an owner’s property. Because of this, dog owners are held liable for any injuries, destruction, or death caused by their companion animal. If a dog attacks you in your neighborhood, you can file a lawsuit against its owners since they are responsible for their pets.

In contrast, recovering compensation from a stray dog attack can be challenging since these dogs have no legal owners. Regardless, consulting with a lawyer about the legalities of your case is still the best way to proceed. They can present you with various legal options to help you with your issue.

Brain Injuries

The brain is one of the critical parts of our body. This organ is considered the control center of our entire body. Damaging the brain can pose severe or permanent damage. There are numerous instances when victims can damage their heads or traumatize their brains.

Brain accident victims may suffer from partial or total body paralysis. Moreover, they may lose parts of their senses. Victims who sustain severe brain damage can file charges against their defendant.

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can result from a slip and fall accident which is very common in workplace accidents.

However, spinal damage can happen in any traumatic accident. Victims of spinal injuries are often related to loss of motor functions.

Moreover, spinal damage can lead to paralysis if the injury is severe. Often victims also lose parts of their senses to these injuries.

Government Liability

Public roads and other public establishments are property of the government. However, these establishments can be a place prone to accidents. Not many victims know that they can sue local government units for any injuries they sustained from a government property or project.

If you are a victim of this case, it’s only fair to hold the city government unit accountable for your damages. Our team of astute lawyers has experience in this field. We can help you recover compensation and fight for your rights.

Wrongful Death

Deaths are inevitable in a deadly accident. Injured victims who sustain catastrophic damages die as a result. In this case, a victim’s family member can file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for the death of their loved one.

In this situation, the late victim’s representative must look for a lawyer with experience in this field. At Parker & McConkie, we helped loved ones recover compensatory damages for the death of their family member.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common accidents occurring worldwide. Accidents occurring in a rideshare app can still be considered car accidents. However, the legalities behind this case are slightly different from a typical car accident case.

Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage are commonly seen in car accidents. Recovering compensation is critical in these severe bodily injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are at risk of suffering catastrophic damages after an accident. Their lack of protective equipment causes this increased chances. A standard bicycle does not offer as much protection as other motor vehicles.

Broken bones and crushing injuries are usually related to most bicycle accident cases. However, some cyclists suffer from more catastrophic injuries such as brain damage and spinal cord damage.

Trucking Accidents

One of the most common trucks involved in an accident is commercial trucks. Like most commercial vehicle accidents, appointing liabilities in a commercial truck accident can be challenging.

Jackknifing is one of the most common forms of trucking accidents. A jackknife occurs when the truck’s cab and trailer form a 90-degree fold.

Motorcycle Accidents

Like most bicycle accidents, motorcyclists are at high risk of severe injuries following a motorcycle accident. Because of their size, motorcyclists can easily maneuver between tight spaces. However, this is also a common factor that causes most motorcycle-related accidents.

Fractures and crushing injuries are often seen after a motorcycle accident. It’s critical to call the emergency services immediately to prevent further injury progression.

Potential Compensation for Personal Injury Victims in Saratoga Springs, UT

The law protects injured victims. This protection allows them to demand financial support from the at-fault party. A victim can receive various forms of compensation once they prove the defendant’s responsibility.

Compensation for medical fees, property damages, and lost wages are called economic damages. These damages directly affect the victim’s finances.

On the other hand, victims can also demand compensation for their mental and emotional damages. These damages do not affect the victim’s finances; therefore, it’s called non-economic damages.

How to Determine if You Have a Personal Injury Case

The primary principle required in a personal injury accident is negligence. Moreover, the victim must prove that their injuries resulted from the defendant’s negligence. The problem with these cases is that the victim carries the burden of proving liabilities.

Because of this obligation, victims need to find a dedicated personal injury attorney to represent them. At Parker & McConkie, our astute team of personal injury attorneys helped countless Utah victims in the past, and we can help you too!

Saratoga Springs Personal Injury FAQs

How much is my personal injury case worth?

It’s hard to provide a specific number in a personal injury case. Various factors may affect the worth of your injury case. It’s vital to have an experienced attorney evaluate your case provide a rough estimate of your compensation.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Saratoga Springs, Utah?

According to the state’s law, an injury victim in Utah has a limitation of four years to sue their defendant. Once the given time passes, the victim can no longer hold the at-fault party accountable for the accident.

Will I have to go to court?

In most scenarios, defendants will offer an initial settlement offer to the victim. This settlement offer is negotiable, and the victim can demand more if they believe that they deserve more than the offered amount. However, when two parties refuse to agree, it may be necessary for the case to move to court.

How much does a personal injury attorney cost?

Attorney’s fee varies from one law office to another. If you are on a tight budget, you can look for a lawyer who works with a contingency fee. A contingent fee agreement means that the lawyer only gets paid if they successfully win compensation for you.

What if I am partially liable for the accident? Can I still recover damages?

You can still recover; however, Utah follows a modified comparative negligence law. This means that if the victim is 50% or more at fault for the accident, they can’t recover money.

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