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Major Themes

1.       You Are the Focus.

Everything we do is for the injured client. We want to take care of your case, so that you can take care of you. We bend over backwards to make sure you do very little. We take less cases so that we can give your case the attention it deserves.

If you’ve hired us, you’ve been in an accident that is causing you a lot of problems. The last thing we want to do is inconvenience you more and cause you more problems and frustration. Therefore, we take the following steps to make the process easier:

       a.      We will come to you.

        b.      We provide you with a free strategizing session for as long as you need.

        c.      We provide you with multiple ways to communicate.

        d.      We communicate.

        e.      24/7 access

        f.       Unlimited face-to-face time with the attorney.

        g.      Regular case updates.

        h.      Whatever else you need.

We work for you before you even become our client. Injury law is our focus. We do nothing else. This allows us to be the most effective personal injury attorney for you when you are injured. We fight to have a fair playing field for injured victims. State and Federal legislators make decisions that greatly impact your right to be made whole after you are injured. Powerful, rich insurance companies hire lobbyist to influence these legislators. All across the country, insurance companies have spent billions of dollars in advertisements and lobbying claiming there are too many lawsuits and too many big verdicts. A significant portion of the general public has bought into these myths, which has led to expansive “tort reform.” Tort reform is a group of laws that limit how much you can recover for your injuries. It is our job to fight back against the insurance companies and lobbyist by writing state and federal legislators to make sure they consider both sides of an issue.

2.       Reputation+ Experience = Results

We have helped hundreds of our injured clients recover tens of millions of dollars for their damages from a wide variety of accidents. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to handling personal injury claims. It’s all we do.Injury law is the only type of law we want to practice. And we are good at it.

There’s no type of personal injury case that we cannot handle. We have all the resources and skills necessary to negotiate an early settlement of your case or take your case all the way to trial. We are proven litigators and have litigated hundreds of injury cases with great results. Insurance companies know that we will do whatever we can, within the rules, to get you a fair result.

By developing a reputation as the firm that diligently fights for our injured clients’ right to a fair compensation, we hope to maximize the amount of money we can get for you. Insurance companies are more likely to pay a fair settlement for your injury claim when you have a talented, experienced attorney telling your side of the story.  


3.       It’s Worth It.

Studies show that a person represented by an attorney on average receives 3.5 times more for their personal injury claims than a person is not represented by attorney. That means that even after paying attorney’s fees, you will still end up with more money in your pocket if you hire a personal injury attorney than if you do not hire an attorney.

You do not have to pay one dime out of pocket to hire a personal injury attorney. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. Additionally, we promise that the amount of our fee will never be higher than what you receive in your pocket.

You have nothing to lose by contacting us to see how we can help. Contact us, and we will schedule a free strategizing session where we will sit down with you for as long as you need to figure out how to get you the best compensation possible. We will brainstorm with you and unfold all the aspects of your accident and develop a detailed plan for moving your case forward right away. You will leave with much needed knowledge from an experienced attorney all for free.

We perform a wide spectrum of services for you. This can take hours of work, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process. The following is a list of services that a personal injury attorney will do for you. All of these services are included in the contingency fee, which is discussed below in more detail. Having an attorney take care of all these items for you will remove a lot of stress and worry from your life. Your goal is to get well. The attorney’s goal is to maximize the value of your case as quickly as possible, as well as making sure you receive the best medical treatment for your injuries.


Collaborate and Listen. The first thing an attorney does is help you think about your case. It is critical that the attorney listens to your story to gain an understanding of what you have been through.


Open Your Claim. Once you decide to move forward with a claim for your injuries, we send letters of representation to all responsible parties and their insurance companies. A letter of representation not only informs the recipient that we represent you, but it also instructs the recipient to notify their insurance carrier immediately and to preserve all evidence that may be relevant to the accident.


Investigate. Simultaneous with opening your claim and sending letters of representation, we immediately begin investigating your accident.


Identify All Available Sources of Payment. In many cases, there is more than one person at fault for an accident. Or, if there is only one person at fault, then he or she may have more than one source of insurance to cover your loss. In rare circumstances, the at-fault party may have assets that you can successfully recover. Whether there is one person at fault or several, it is critical that you find all potential sources of payment. In almost every case, this means finding the applicable insurance policies that will cover the accident.


Coordinate Medical Bills. It doesn’t take long for the medical bills to start piling up after you’ve been injured. Having health insurance or worker’s compensation coverage can help lessen some of the stress that comes with increasing medical bills.


Coordinate Medical Treatment. If you are uninsured or unsure of who to see for your particular injury, we can direct you to the right place. We can refer you to someone in your area who will give you great treatment and get you back on your feet.


Minor Settlements. When a minor (person under the age of18) receives a personal injury settlement or award, the court must approve the settlement. This is a complicated and time-consuming process. We represent the minor through this process.


Negotiate Liens and Medical Bills. If you receive a settlement or an award, you will likely owe money to medical providers or health insurance companies for medical treatment. After obtaining the outstanding balances, we work diligently to get these amounts reduced to as little as possible in the fairest way possible. This means more money in your pocket.


Coordinate Pre settlement Loans. Being in an accident may cause financial stress. In these situations, there are companies that will loan you an amount of money now with the agreement that you will pay them out of the settlement. Beware that these loans are very expensive and carry very high interest rates.


Coordinate No-Fault Benefits. If you are injured in an auto accident, you can receive payments for medical bills, lost wages, and household services benefits. These benefits are called No Fault Benefits, and they are required under every automobile insurance policy.


Receive the Best Outcome Possible. In a nutshell, we want to get you the best result possible. This does not mean that you will always get the result you want or hoped for, but that you receive the best possible result. We want each client to know that no other person or attorney could have received a better result.


Provide Some Guidance on Financial Planning. Research has shown that most people that receive money for their personal injury claim spend it all within a few months on depreciating assets or consumables. We want to help our clients grow their money as much as possible. This requires some thought, discussion, and planning. We can direct you to the right people that will help your money grow and become an asset that you can rely upon for years to come.


Mediations. Negotiation is a skill. In many cases, your claim is settled through mediation, which is a formal negotiation process with a mediator. We have mediated numerous amounts of cases. We have the experience and skill set to maximize the value of your case through artful and scientific negotiation practices. We know the right buttons to push and levers to pull to get the other side to properly value your case and pay the settlement you deserve.


Litigation. Sometimes the insurance company will not offer you a fair settlement or anything at all. In these instances, you will need to file a lawsuit. Litigation requires skill and experience. I have litigated hundreds of cases leading to great results.


Trials. If the case still does not settle, then trial begins. Trials can last anywhere between one day to several months. Most trials are decided by juries who the court selects randomly. Jury selection is one of the most critical parts of the trial. If you select the wrong jurors, you can lose no matter how persuasive or skillful you are in your arguments and presentation. If you select the right jury that agrees with your side of the case and awards you money, this can be very exciting and rewarding.


Arbitrations. Rather than go to trial, the parties may choose to arbitrate the case. Arbitration is like trial but much less formal. You do not have a judge but an arbitrator who decides the case. The parties put on their evidence in the allotted time, and the arbitrator makes her ruling. If you put on enough favorable evidence, she will award you money. If you do not put on enough favorable evidence, then you will get nothing. Arbitration is much less costly then jury trials and the rules are not as stringent, which allows for some flexibility during the discovery process.



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