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Refugee Justice League

In recent years, the rise in anti-immigrant public attitudes and policies, has resulted in increased incidences of discrimination, injustice and violence against immigrant and refugee communities. However, as Americans and Utahns, we can and must do better. For many Utahns, support for refugees is rooted in our own history of migration as refugees seeking freedom from discrimination and violence.

In 2016, Jim McConkie and Brad Parker co-founded the Refugee Justice League in Utah with the purpose of defending the rights of refugees to live peacefully, to maintain their culture, and to practice their faith without restrictions or harassment.  The Refugee Justice League is a group of attorneys and legal consultants dedicated to promoting and defending the civil, religious, and Constitutional rights of individuals who are discriminated against on the basis of their religious beliefs and national origins. Jim and Brad founded the League on the premise that refugees and immigrants in Utah should be welcomed and treated with dignity.  The League has over 800 attorney members who have provided millions in free legal services for refugee individuals and families in Utah.


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Lauren McCluskey Foundation

Following the tragic death of University of Utah student athlete, Lauren McCluskey, in 2018, Jim McConkie and Brad Parker represented her family against the university for its failures that contributed to the cause of her death. The university eventually acknowledged that the “failed Lauren and her family” and agreed to a settlement of $13.5 million. The McCluskey family publicly committed to putting all of the money, after fees and costs, into the Lauren McCluskey Foundation, which seeks to improve campus safety, especially for women.

The Lauren McCluskey Foundation’s vision is to work with the more than 5,000 colleges and universities that receive Title IX federal funding within the United States to honor Lauren McCluskey’s legacy by bringing awareness to, funding research for, and providing resources to change the culture that responds poorly to dating violence and stalking on their campuses.


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Lauren McCluskey Foundation

Donations will go to the individuals and programs supported by the Lauren McCluskey Foundation. The foundation’s operating expenses are covered by the McCluskey family.

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