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Don’t wait to hire an attorney.

By Steven Jensen
December 10, 2021

You may have heard an advertisement from a personal injury attorney say, “Don’t wait. Hire us now,” or “Call right away.” For personal injury cases, this is not just an advertisement ploy. It is critical that you get an attorney involved right away. Waiting months or even weeks can make all the difference in the world to your case. Let me give you some examples:

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Will an attorney take my personal injury case?

 Injured and No Health Insurance? That’s Ok. You Can Still Get Excellent Medical Treatment. 

What Should I do If My Family Member or Close Friend Accidentally Injured Me? 

What if I Already Had an Injury at the Time of My Accident? 

Make Sure to Record Your Phone Calls. 

In the state of Utah, you can record all of your conversations without telling the other person that you are recording the call. Utah is considered a “single party consent” state, which means only one person (you) to the conversation has to consent to the recording in order to lawfully record the conversation. You may not, however, record any conversation that you are not part of without the consent of at least one of the parties to the conversation.

Recording witness accounts is a very important tool when investigating a case. You or your family member can often speak to witnesses in a way that your attorney can not. When people know they are talking to an attorney, they speak less freely and withhold information. When you speak with a witness they will speak more openly and honestly about the accident. It’s during this time, before lawsuits and attorneys are involved, that people speak most honestly about a case. Consequently, it’s important to record any conversations you have with witnesses early on in the investigation. Otherwise, stories will change and more helpful facts for that person will emerge. This is especially true for potential defendants that believe they may be at fault for the accident.

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