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Brad Parker

Brad’s exposure to the law, lawyers and advocating for the rights of others began at an early age. His father was a well-known law professor and the law and legal topics were often the topic of debated conversations around the family dinner table. Two of Brad’s brothers are attorneys as are all four of Brad’s sons. Brad was taught that good attorneys are problem solvers - they help people, they make things better. Much of Brad’s carrier has consequently been devoted to representing those with catastrophic injuries who have nowhere else to turn. Over the course of his carrier he has also worked tirelessly to help and provide services to those who are often overlooked and who are generally under represented.

Brad is a University of Utah law school graduate. He is an experienced litigator. He has litigated complex cases in both the state courts and in federal court, successfully handling multiple high profile cases. Among the cases he and his partner James McConkie have successfully litigated are:

Allred v. Chenowyth - resulting in Utah’s largest wrongful death verdict (52+ million dollars).

Williams v. IHC - resulting in Utah’s largest medical malpractice verdict.

McCluskey v. University of Utah - resulting in Utah’s largest wrongful death settlement against a governmental entity (13.5+ million-dollar settlement)

Brad has been active in state and community affairs and spends significant time assisting refugees displaced by war and violence in their home countries. With his son Kimball, Brad and his partner Jim McConkie have been involved in the development of free web-based legal software designed to help the underserved and those who often cannot afford an attorney

For several years Brad served as a popular adjunct professor at Westminster College. He has lectured on legal topics in law schools and universities around nation.

Brad is both a realist and an optimist, traits which have contributed in large part to his success.

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